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eCaseLink 8.0 helps bring drugs and devices to the market faster, with measurable ROI.
DSG Products EDC, CTMS, IWRS & Safety

DSG Products

Truly integrated EDC, CTMS,
IWRS & Safety
DSG Mobile Solutions DSG supports all web base devices

Collect data accurately
and more efficiently from any
web based device.

Patient Recruitment and Retention Support DSG Designer Tech Transfer

Streamline your clinical trials

With DSG Designer a flexible easy-to-use
intuitive clinical study building tool
attuned to your business needs.

Results-driven Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
and eClinical Solutions for Clinical Trials.

Clinical trials power the medical research and development progress. Clinical trial software is the engine that helps researchers test new ways to detect treat or prevent diseases. DSG provides and develops (EDC) electronic data capture software, data management services and clinical training services for the pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical device industries. DSG’s innovative eCaseLink 8.0 system and industry leading data management services will help you to reach your clinical trial goals. eCaseLink 8.0 is a truly integrated eClinical solution that seamlessly combines CTMS, EDC, IWRS and Safety into a single system, cutting costs and giving you control over your entire study. Unlike other systems that attempt to force completely unrelated systems to work together, eCaseLink was developed from the ground up as a truly integrated system whose parts work effectively as a whole. eCaseLink helps you to see everything that’s happening with your study in real time, at all times.

This unmatched level of control and efficiency helps you to expedite trials, make mid-study changes, contain costs, improve safety, bring drugs and devices to market faster, and achieve significant ROI.

 DSG is leading the move forward on clinical trials in the health-care arena, providing electronic data capture (EDC) for clinical trial data collection and management on a global basis. DSG is accelerating the change from paper data collection
and management to the highly efficient electronic data system
of eCaseLink™, making the transition seamless, efficient
and cost-effective.~ Inc.500

DSG Inc. supports clinical trial data collection and management with innovative technology solutions, including Electronic Data Capture with specialized Clinical Data Management services, IWRS, Clinical Trial Management Systems and digital on-demand Case Report Form publishing management software. DSG’s fully integrated products allow user-friendly, accurate and efficient data capture at any investigator site regardless of technology platform. DSG has successfully supported thousands of clinical trials for more than 400 companies at over 25,000 sites in more than 90 countries. Founded in 1992, DSG is a global company headquartered in Malvern, Pa., with additional offices in the U.S., Japan and India.CDISC Member