Clinical Trial EDC Software Applications DSG delivers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use (EDC) clinical trial software applications for all vendors in the pharmaceutical, medical device and life sciences industries.

We spearheaded the move from paper-based documentation methods for clinical trials to the most effective, efficient online tools and digital resources.

DSG Clinical trials products / software solutions

DSG Clinical Trial Software

Since our founding, DSG has transformed clinical trial data collection and analysis with its integrated suite of EDC software solutions. Below is a wide range of clinical trials software and services that we offer to our clients.

  • Tech Transfer - DSG Designer™

    DSG Designer lets the user be the creator with complete control of workflow to help streamline trial execution. DSG’s unparalleled support services and hands-on training ensure that you build studies end-to-end. We help you create reusable templates and eCRFs that can lower your cost to deliver a completed study for regulatory approval.

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  • eCaseLink EDC clinical trial software

    eCaseLink eCaseLink™ is an award winning web based EDC software application that enables the most advanced clinical data collection while still providing an easy-to-use, user-friendly presentation of eCRFs. eCaseLink provides the fastest start up, rapid database lock, and more rapid FDA submissions, resulting in greater ROI.

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  • eCaseLink IWRS

    DSG’s award winning IWRS (Interactive Web Response System) is a seamlessly integrated component of eCaseLink that helps you to easily manage randomization, subject enrollment and drug supply management in any clinical trial.

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  • eClinDirect CTMS

    eClinDirect, DSG’s web based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), is a project management application that helps you to capture and share a wide variety of clinical trial project status information across multiple studies. eClinDirect gives you unparalleled control over your clinical trial study.

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  • DSG Drug Safety

    The Drug Safety system enables medical monitors to electronically record the SAE form information received from a site. Enter data into forms manually, as well as prefill certain fields mapped from the eCaseLink EDC system. Key events, dates and status are all easily tracked. The Drug Safety system alerts the medical monitor to differences between the safety data entry form and the data entered into eCRFs within the eCaseLink EDC system.

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  • eCaseLink.Me / ePro

    eCaseLink.Me provides a flexible approach to patient-reported data capture that can be used alone or in combination with eCaseLink EDC software for reporting and data analysis. Designed with the patient in mind, eCaseLink.Me allows patients to personalize and change the appearance of the application to better suit preferences. It works on any browser or web-enabled device.

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  • Comprehensive Reporting

    DSG’s software applications offer over 65 standard reporting tools — at no additional cost. In addition, our ad hoc reporting tool is the most comprehensive available. Create up to 200 unique reports based on criteria you select. Since all data captured by the system is clean and in real time, access to your critical data is just a click away.

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  • Data Integration

    DSG's software applications offer comprehensive, seamless integration capabilities for the most efficient clinical trials. Only DSG offers data integration with central lab, electronic patient diaries, IVRS, ECG and other third party applications and databases (including CDMS and CTMS) into one comprehensive software application.

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  • CaseXport Archiving Tool

    CaseXport provides clinical data in a portable, searchable standalone CD application. At any point in a study, DSG can provide CaseXport CDs to the sponsor, allowing them portable review and analysis of each site. Now, you can access accurate site information at any time during a study, even if you do not have access to the Internet.

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  • CaseView Imaging

    With DSG’s CaseView™ feature, investigators, project managers, or anyone involved in the clinical trial process can upload, download and view medical images directly within the eCRF screens.

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  • CaseLink

    CaseLink provides complete control of CRFs before, during and after the clinical trial process. CaseLink enables you to create, update, and print individualized CRF books for your clinical trials studies.

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  • Document Management

    DSG's document management software applications allow electronic file capture and storage of study-specific documents in a secure, Web-based environment.

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