DSG eConsent

eConsent an efficient and effective participant data capture tool

eCaseLink eConsent

The eConsent system provides a secure, flexible, and convenient approach to on-site or off-site participant data capture. eConsent can be used as either a standalone or a harmonized EDC platform.

eConsent is an electronic data capture (EDC) tool designed for real-time, real-site, anywhere data collection situations, such as in operating rooms, clinics, or within a doctor’s office. eConsent is built for all web-connected devices including iPads, mini tablets, smartphones and desktops.

eConsent features:

  • More efficient and effective for participant understanding of content
  • Presents information in multi-media fashion and not linear on paper is more effective
  • Real-time data collection
  • Built in eSignature functionality
  • Promotes remote monitoring, improving data quality and participant engagement
  • Supports interactive videos and other validated assessment tools