DSG eSource

The eCaseLink eSource system

Provides a secure, flexible, and convenient approach to on-site or off-site Participant data capture. eSource can be used as either a standalone or a harmonized EDC platform.

eSource is an electronic data capture (EDC) tool designed for real-time, real-site, anywhere data collection situations, such as in operating rooms, clinics, or within a doctor’s office. eSource is built for all web-connected devices including iPads, mini tablets, smartphones and desktops. eSource enables your clinical trial personnel the freedom and flexibility to enter clinical data anyplace-anytime removing the need for source data verification and dramatically decreasing monitoring time and costs.

DSG’s eCaseLink eSource system guides site users through next steps to ensure:

  • Eliminates unnecessary duplication of data
  • Reduces the possibility for transcription errors
  • Encourages entering source data during a subject’s visit, where appropriate
  • Removes transcription of source data prior to entry into an eCRFs
  • Built-in eConsent and Participant Tracking
  • Protocol Deviations Module
  • Promotes real-time access for data review
  • Facilitates remote monitoring improving the data quality and Participant engagement
  • Rapid site payments

The benefits of eSource

Real-time Data Collection

eSource is a patient-centric data collection tool that encourages real-time data entry during the Participant's visit. Entering Participant data in real-time eliminates unnecessary duplication of data and reduces the possibility of transcription errors.

A Better Participant Experience

Using eSource allows Investigators to better engage with Participants, satisfying visit scheduling and other needs.


The simple intuitive user interface is a fast and convenient way to enter source data in real-time, more accurately and all within the time-frame of the Participant's visit.

Total Device Freedom

eSource can be accessed in any location using any type of web browser on any Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops or desktops.